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chipRalph Riehl, III has been a practicing attorney in Pennsylvania since 1976. He has been actively involved in mediation cases for over 35 years. He offers experience at a reasonable cost and provides as part of his service facilities which are conducive to the mediation process.

More and more, parties recognize that the cost to litigate disputes, whether in the field of divorce, construction, personal injury, or business have become unaffordable. As a result, more and more people turn to mediation. Mediation provides an arena to resolve disputes more quickly and less expensively than litigation. In a mediation, the parties themselves are present and engaged in a mutual effort to resolve disputes. The goal of mediation is to achieve a win/win resolution. On the other hand, in litigation, parties to the dispute have less immediate control over the conduct of the dispute. Litigation tends to be a win/lose proposition. Litigation is lengthy and expensive.

Ralph Riehl has a very high rate of success in resolving disputes by mediation. Please contact him for more information.

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